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TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011)

TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011)

TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011) TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011) TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011) TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011) TK688 - Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder (2011)

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Brand: Vitronics
Product Code: Soltec Delta 3 Wave Solder
Availability: In Stock
Price: $0.00
Ex Tax: $0.00
Vitronics Soltec Delta 3 Lead Free Wave Solder (2011)
- 18” Conveyor Width
- Main Wave Runtime: 1 yr, 185 days, 13 hrs, 22 min (~13,212 hrs)
- Serial # 10.92137
- Made in China
- Full Bottom Heat ( 3 Zones ) - Yes
- 1 top zone heater – YES (3rd zone only)
- Internal Spray Fluxer included
– No Hot Air Knife on this Machine
- Heavy duty titanium fingers with crash detection: YES
- Manual conveyor angle adjustment between 5 and 7 degrees: YES
- Finger cleaner: YES
- Recipe controlled single spray fluxer: YES
- Three PID controlled calrod preheat zones totaling six feet: YES       
- Titanium main wave      
- Unique dross management system drastically reduces maintenance frequency
- PCB wire support: NO
- Bottom and topside forced convection preheat: On the 3rd zone only
- Chip wave: Only main wave
- Recipe driven solder pot height control: Not, manual height control
- Nitrowave - nitrogen supply for solder waves: NO
- Solder feeder for two solder bars: NO
- Management information system: YES
- Fluxer type: Internal spray
- Single or Double Wave? SINGLE WAVE
- Power requirements: 400 Volts
- SMEMA for in and outfeed: YES
- UPS Battery backup system: No
- Finger cleaning system: YES
- Crash Detection System: YES
- Conveyor angle adjustment: YES
- Preheat zones: YES
- Preheating Length: 450 cm
- Type of bottom preheating calrod (forced convection? IR?): Forced bottom, IR top
- Top preheating: Only in the 3rd zone
- Control system for preheat: YES
- Leadfree compatible solder pot: YES
- Titanium Wave formers: YES
- Nitrogen compatible: NO
- Solder pot roll out: YES
- Automatic overheat switch off: NONE
- Automatic solder feed: NONE
- Solderpot height control? (Lead clearance): Manual
- Exhaust monitoring system: YES

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